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Say hello to your new favorite cheesecake! Classics never go out of style.

Ingredients: Digestive biscuits, cream cheese, milleram, vanilla, flour, sugar, butter.

chocolate cake

Queen chocolate cake enriched with hazelnut flavored cream.

Ingredients: layered chocolate sponge, fererro mascarpone cream.

blanc noir cake

A decadent creamy cake for all lovers of chocolate and hazelnuts with a baked biscuit base.

Ingredients: digestive biscuits, dark and white chocolate hazelnut cream, butter, flour, sugar.

lemon tart

This sweet and sour tart is made up of lemon curd cream with a frangipane center and Italian meringue kisses.

Ingredients: butter, lemon, almond, egg white, flour, egg, sugar.


Fruity flavors rhapsody captured with lemon sponge cake and light raspberry cream.

Ingredients: lemon sponge cake, mascarpone raspberry chantily.

princess polenta cake

A scrumptious tea like gluten-free sponge with citrus notes and roasted almonds topped with a mascarpone and chantilly crown.

Ingredients: almond, polenta, egg, orange, honey, butter, mascarpone cheese, sweet cream, sugar.

carrot cake

A layered sponge and cream sequence full of flavor and spice and all things nice.

Ingredients: walnut, carrot, cream cheese, cinnamon, sugar, flour, egg, butter, maple syrup.

parisian flan

Sweet and elegant flavors of vanilla and tonka bean are intertwined in this traditional French delicacy.

Ingredients: butter, vanilla, milk, tonka, flour, sugar, egg.

Vegan tart

A rich fruit and nut base filled with a luxurious silky chocolate cream.

Ingredients: walnut, cocoa, chocolate, prunes, oat cream and oatmeal, orange juice, cinnamon, coconut oil.